Longhand, unlike the other award shows around is judged digitally. Which means the rules and regulations will be somewhat different to the ones you’re probably used to. So lean in and pay close attention.

Don’t change the brief

This year, the briefs are ads themselves. Ads written by the judges. Your job, should you wish to undertake it, is to better it. The brief doesn’t change. Feel free to change everything else.


Last date for submission: Sept 30, 2016

72 DPI .JPEG Files

All entries must be 72dpi jpegs. If you don’t know what that is, ask your art director. If you don’t have an art director, you should. They’re charming people.


In that, they need to be laid out. It’s entirely up to you if you wish to collaborate with an art director for this. Sometimes art direction makes it look nice. Sometimes it screws the entire thing up. So use your discretion.


Title your jpegs thusly. Your name_brief codename_title. So, if your name is Jesus, and the brief / ad you’ve chosen is Albany Life Insurance, and the title of your ad is ‘ghost’, the title of your ad would be Jesus_albany_ghost.jpeg

Do not send the same entry twice

Longhand isn’t run by an army of robots; it’s run by one man. Multiple versions of the same entry confuse him. So please – check your ad thoroughly, and upload ONLY that version.

It’s free, but remember quality > quantity

Like last year, and the year before that, and the year before the year over that, there isn’t any entry fee (really must start charging now). So feel free to send in as many entries as you like. A word of caution though – quality over quantity and all that.